Is your car dented?

Trust the Paintless Dent Repair specialists right here in Northeast Ohio. The Dingman® system will repair your car without needing paint, while saving you time & money!

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About Us

The Dingman® specializes in “Paintless Dent Removal” (PDR) on primarily automotive vehicles – although we have applied our skills to a number of surfaces – from motorcycle gas tanks to airplane wings!  Once confined to manufacturers and dealers, advances in the great flexibility of automotive sheet-metal and adhesion qualities of polyurethane paints created an opening in the automotive body repair industry for the highly skilled PDR technician. Paintless Dent Removal, (PDR) is the fine art of removing dents by massaging the sheet metal through precise placement of specially made pry bars to reverse the dent process. The process, properly applied, will not harm the original paint condition.

Traditional automotive body repair calls for: reforming the sheet metal, filling with bondo, finishing and painting the damaged area of the vehicle.  This process usually requires three to four days for a fender or door and a cost of $350.00 or more. Don’t forget, that is three or four days (if not longer) you are without your vehicle. Other typical drawbacks include: over-pray, off-color paint, paint sags.

The Dingman® was started in 1989 by Jerry Oliver as a hobby helping friends and collectors repair their vehicles.  Jerry found the demand for his talents and was enterprising enough to start his business—The Dingman®.  Jerry has over 40 years experience in Metal Finishing, Paint Repair and Paintless Dent Removal and expects his associates to adhere to the same high standard of quality he applies to each job.  While The Dingman® was mobile in the 1990’s, in 2002 The Dingman® built a new, dedicated retail facility where your repairs can be fixed now!

Whether you are in the automotive industry or not, The Dingman® may be able to save you time and money. Seeing IS believing–give us a call or stop by to see our facility.  We can make you a believer too!

What Is The Dingman®?

The Dingman® uses a combination of custom tools and metalworking skills to bring sheet metal back to near perfect condition… WITHOUT the expensive grinding and painting of traditional bodywork. The Dingman® repairs can be done in minutes, not days or weeks. And, in many cases, the repairs can be made while you wait in our comfortable, clean waiting area.  That means you can use your car or truck instead of leaving it at a body shop.

An Auto Industry Secret

Paintless body repair has been used in the auto industry for years. During final new car inspection, professionals use specialized tools to make precise body panel adjustments. The same tools and skills are what The Dingman® brings to your car or truck repair.

What Can The Dingman® Fix?

The Paintless bodywork system is ideal for “dings” like hail damage, low spots, knee marks (from forcing a door closed from a knee or palm) plus factory dimples or panel waves that need to be straightened. The Dingman® works best when the paint is not broken, and work can be done on virtually any accessible vehicle surface. Since paint is not used, there are no problems with color match or over spray. When needed, The Dingman® is also skilled at paint repair.

What Does It Cost?

Cost may be the best news about The Dingman®, since it is almost always less expensive than traditional body work. A typical shallow door “ding” repair is less than $150, and even less per “ding” if there are more repairs. The Dingman® gives free estimates and guarantees results.